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MLM’s Extraordinary People - The MLM Icons
By Peter A Blood

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It's rare enough to find men with personal charisma and business acumen at the top of the corporate tree in any industry. Many have acumen, unquestionably, but few have that glowing, attractive to all, charm and sincerity that bless the out-front leaders of MLM. Good looking people. Intelligent people. Impressive and influential people. Successful, forceful, wealthy people. In fact, perfect MLM people in what is for them a perfect MLM world. Enviably placed at the top of the tree in all respects.

Is it coincidental that these men are spell-binding public speakers? That their lives follow a perfect curve that touches on magnificent? Charitable and beneficent. Venerable and wise. Energetic and focused. Uplifting and guiding.

They espouse the best social values. They contribute openly to the needy and do other great works. They subscribe to the philosophy of "…beggar help thyself!" They would prefer to teach a hungry man to fish rather than simply give him a fish.

These extraordinary people. How did they manage to do all this?

Well, they chose MLM as their vehicle to riches and influence. So they own the fishing holes. And they sell the tickets.

As a result, each is privy to the data that shows exactly what contribution each of their disciples makes to the company coffers. You are not.

Each is privy to the data which shows exactly what each of those distributors has earned in return for their efforts. You are not.

Each is privy to the data that shows exactly why so few benefit so much from the efforts and contributions of so many, and why it is necessary for thousands of people to "fail" in order to produce just ONE big financial winner. You are not.

And each is aware that nobody who follows them can possibly earn what they themselves earn from the self-serving commercial systems they have in place.

So, even though you might think you know how things really work in MLM, should you just go right ahead and follow the path laid down by these perfect people?

Jay Van Andel and Rich De Vos of Amway. Mark Hughes of Herbalife. Bill Gouldd of Equinox. Kevin Trudeau of Nutrition for Life (and MegaMemory). Just a few of the many. Extraordinary people.


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