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The MLM Million $$$ Income Opportunity!

By Peter A Blood

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So you want to be an MLM icon?

It almost goes without saying that selling the "income opportunity" is the only possible path to wealth in MLM.

How can that be, you ask?

Well, let's remove the "income opportunity" (read: "recruiting") from any MLM for a moment and leave everything else in place. That would mean that anybody could be a distributor and be able to buy product direct from the company at wholesale pricing.

You are the first to approach the company to become a "re-seller". You buy at wholesale and you may only sell at retail to others. In the ensuing weeks you sell product to 100 people, all of whom love it and decide that they too would like to become retailers. The company, anxious to expand, has no objection to this, but do you? Your repeat business has gone up in smoke and you now have 100 competitors in your service area, and you're all looking for a retail customer base. All being equal, you now have less than 1% of your previous market to work with, no matter how big it was to begin with. For you to make the same money over again, you will have to find another 100 customers from less than 1% of the available market because now there's a 100 others doing the same thing as you. Is this just cause for celebration on your part? No?

OK. Now let's put the recruiting ("income opportunity") step back in the equation.

You become the first distributor for an MLM. As above, you still retail to 100 people, but now you also recruit a 100 people. You'll make millions a month forever! The 100 people you recruited have to do what you did so that they can also make money. They all do it. Suddenly, on your very next level, you have 10,000 distributors in your group who are retailing to 1,000,000 people, and you get a cut of all that action! Are you happy? You betcha!! Money! Money! Money! Do you CARE that you now have 10,100 competitors? Not as long as they keep making you money, you don't! Right? **grin** You're on your way to iconization.

But is EVERYBODY really happy?

What about the 10,000 new distributors who are searching in their turn for their 100 recruits and 100 retail people? To fullfill the need, the new level will have to consist of 1,000,000 new recruits with 100,000,000 retail customers between them. Now these 10,000 people want to make the same money that you do. You promised them they could, didn't you? Difference is, each of them has 10,100 people competing with them in the marketplace (including you and your original 100 recruits). Whereas you had 100% of the marketplace to find your first line of people and your retail customers, each of these people has only 1/10,100th of the market you had to work with. (Don't ask what the members of the next level have to contend with!)

Now this is where you can make the deal really interesting. Don't tell anyone how many people have already signed up or where they live. Everyone will think that there's still plenty of people out there and they'll try harder! Far more sporting!. Take time out for yourself. It'll be fun watching them all blundering about, crashing into each other in the newspaper ad columns and trying to work out new ways to beat the next guy to the next recruit or retail customer.

Now just how much of a good time do you want? More? OK. You could take a tour around your group to watch the less fortunate people spend more and more money! Urge them on. That's fun. The best part though, is watching the disheartened actually lay down and cry. You get the opportunity to shake your head funereally and make it plain in asides to the other on-lookers in your group that these disheartened folk are really the weak, stupid and ignorant who were just not doing as they were told. Of course, if they had been doing as they were told, then they would be nearly as rich as you! Right? Of course!

The really, really, best part though, is watching the banks fore-closing on these really weak, stupid and ignorant silly buggers!! Hey! Told you this was gonna be FUN !!

Ain't it just the best? Gettin' RICH in MLM, I mean?

All you gotta do is sell the income opportunity - over and over and over again!

And there you are. An MLM icon!


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