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Try these MLM Information Resource links:

What's Wrong with MLM? by Dean Vandruff
An article that should be read by all current and intending MLM-ers.

Truth On MLM by Jon M Taylor.
A fact packed website with a focus on both the deceptive nature and the many illogical aspects on which MLM operations are based.

Pyramid Scheme Alert - arguably one of the top two resources for what's happening in the world of MLM.

The 10 Big Lies of MLM by Robert Fitzpatrick
An expert's appraisal of MLM. Robert Fitzpatrick has been called as an expert legal witness in MLM court cases across America.

The Skepdic's Dictionary
Bob Carroll, noted thinker, talker, writer, academic, logician and skeptic comments on the MLM concept.

The Green Light at
I am an unashamedly serious fan of Peter Bowditch and his inimical approach to the multitude of deceptive practices available in diverse quantity on the internet and elsewhere in our lives.

The Answer to a Question: What really happens to the money in MLM?

Everything you ever needed to know about chain letters - and then some!
This site contains a great deal of information about Chain Letters, MLM's and various other "marketing" schemes. Be prepared for a few hours of entertainment and enlightenment!

The Law Library of Grimes & Reese
A resource for legal judgments concerning MLM companies and others. This website also contains an excellent guide for people intending to set up an MLM concern.

Federal Trade Commission (USA) - current case list.

The Con

For the past few years I have studied the dynamics of motivational presentations in selling. I have come to better understand "the con". A con nearly always involves "selling" something in ways that serve to enrich the seller and financially reduce the buyer. The principles behind a con are the same the world over - lies and more damned lies, the cleverer the better.

For those who are interested in the concept of the con and would like to read some of the most enlightening information on the web, try this and this. Astute people may recognise from these articles just how the fabric of MLM might have been woven.

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