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MLM Feedback - Omegatrend


Tonight, my husband & I attended an Omegatrend presentation after being approached by one of my dear friends who has very recently joined this MLM.

Luckily for us, over the last 24 hours I was able to research just what we might potentially have been getting involved in and learn about MLM's, thanks of course to you and others providing intelligent insight through your websites. Perhaps not so lucky for the 'almost Presidential' conducting the presentation!

So, after spending over 2 hours wading through emotions such as:

ANGER when told (by a stranger) that we and our very young son WILL live into our 100's and WILL have no money to live on... unless we join up of course.

FRUSTRATION at having every question I asked answered with a question, or simply avoided by changing the subject, and

DISBELIEF when told Omegatrend is responsible for over 70% of all of Citibank's mortgages,

…the biggest discovery we made is the extent to which this person was prepared to blatantly LIE through his teeth, in order to 'encourage' us to join.

Firstly, after spending 20 minutes explaining each step of the ladder from the very bottom up to the possibly elusive 'Presidential' status at the top, detailing the exact number of business lines needed, points needed through those business lines and subsidised payments you could receive, he then proceeded to tell us that he just "doesn't care" if we sign up or not, it makes "no difference" to him... even though he just told us exactly how many points he needs to earn to make it to Presidential by Christmas, and the only way he'll get those points is by expanding his business lines, i.e. US or someone like US signing on the dotted line!!

Secondly, after voluntarily declaring that he ONLY spends a maximum of 6 hours a week maintaining his business, I couldn't help but do the math in my head on the 1.5 hour drive to our meeting, 2.5 hours at the meeting and 1.5 hours home again... does that mean he's only got half an hours work left this week?? And by golly, it's only Monday!!!

It concerns me that usually intelligent and thoughtful people are being so blinded by the tactics used by these groups to prey on their fears and dreams, that they don't think to research what they are getting themselves into let alone recognise when they are being straight out lied to! It saddens me when these are people I care about!! Thank you for helping create an awareness of the immoral and un-ethical existence of these groups, lets hope those who are now enlightened are able to help those dear to them without the high price of losing friendships.

Finally Peter, could you please tell me whether these MLM's operating in Australia are legally required to have a 'cooling off period' within their contracts? And if so, what the timeframe of any such period might be?? This information could prove highly beneficial should I decide to attempt a tactful rescue of any more people dear to me who are blindly lured into these schemes!

Thank you,

Yasmin NSW, Australia

The MLM File Note - September 2006: It seems Omegatrend has struck financial trouble in 2006 and will seemingly fall into oblivion along with so many 100's of ill-fated MLM's in recent years.

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